Introduction to Q.E.D - Self Defense Training
  • Q.E.D - Quick Effective Defence System is designed to Deal with Attacks and Life Threatening Scenes.
  • Our Training is very simple, and Aim to Give your confidence in Combating petty crimes in Malaysia. 
  • "Some Crimes can be avoided and you do not have to live in fear" - Trainer
  • We can Train Security, Office personnels or Families to combat Petty crime. 

Our Training Goal

  • If everybody knows some sort self defence community crimes can be lowered
  • Rape can be avoided and brought to light for women in Malaysia.
  • Women do not have to live in fear of getting assaulted 
  • Thief or Criminals can be caught by the community who uphold justice. 

Our Training Categories:

  • How to Avoid a Simple Grab 
  • How to Disarm a Weapon or Knife
  • How to armlock an attacker to the ground.

    Who we Train?

    • We Train Office Personals
    • We Train High Risk Financial Institutions 

      To Know more about this training Course You may contact us at 016-800-8400.