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We Provide and Install CCTV, Door Access System, Alarms and Autogate in your home or office to provide easy access and peace of mind. Contact us for more our product and services. 


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Digital Clock Hidden WIFI 1080P Camera (Night Vision)

A reliable wi-fi camera with strong concealment must be your powerful tool to collect crime evidence..


Xiaomi Smart Home Camera 2 1080p (Night vision)

1080p HD Smart Video TechnologyIts sleek design houses an advanced Ambarella S2LM IP camera SoC, ena..


Out of Stock

Chuango G5 Alarm System 315Mhz 50 Zones Pacakge

Best alarm system for home and office. Features: Download your app from either App Store or Goog..


Chuango WS-280 Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren

When connected to an alarm system , the WS-280 is an effective crime deterrent and can easily work w..


Digital Door Lock Gateman WF10 Fingerprint

Demo Video: Proving of security and convenience of life. It lets you unlock your wooden door..


Out of Stock

OSPON Biometric fingerprint Safe Vault

Use your fingerprint to open this biometric fingerprint gun safe and without worry about lost k..


Touch Door Access Panel RFID System

Package includes: 1x Touch Door Access Panel  1x  EM Lock 1x Push Button 1x 12..


Ultra Portable KPS2-LOG PS/2 Keylogger KeyGrabber 16MB

The Ultra Portable KPS2-LOG PS/2 Keylogger KeyGrabber is a small, discrete, easy-to-u..