Ultra Portable KPS2-LOG PS/2 Keylogger KeyGrabber 16MB
Product Code: 16 MB PS/2
The Ultra Portable KPS2-LOG PS/2 Keylogger KeyGrabber is a small, discrete, easy-to-use device that records all keyboard activity. Featuring 16MB of built-in capacity, the Ultra Portable KPS2-LOG PS/2 Keylogger KeyGrabber can record up to 10 million worth of text. With absolutely no software required and virtually impossible to detect, this unique Ultra Portable KPS2-LOG PS/2 Keylogger KeyGrabber is the perfect solution for auditing computer usage. Accessing the stored text couldn't be easier -- simply launch any text editor and type in the provided password and voilà -- instant access to all written text.

This device is very easy to install. Connect one end of the Ultra Portable KPS2-LOG PS/2 Keylogger KeyGrabber to computers PS/2 port and the other end to the keyboards PS/2 cable. The Ultra Portable KPS2-LOG PS/2 Keylogger KeyGrabber does not require any drivers and any software. Just plug to use and is very convenient.


  • This device applies to all PS/2 type keyboard
  • Plug and Play with no installation of any software
  • Automatically record the contents of the keyboard
  • Small, easy to install
  • No noise, no lights, the computer switch does not affect their working
  • Can be read by any computer
  • Records quickly
  • The device cannot be detected by software
  • Password Protected
1 Years

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