UPS 5V 9V 12V DC 15000mah Backup Battery
Product Code: CCTV Systems Backup Battery

A useful uninterruptible power supply - backup battery pack that will power up the Door access, CCTV, DVR, WiFi Router, Mobile Device or 12V Devices over 5 - 8 hours on a full charge. Can be used with a power splitter to power more than one camera at a time. Small, flat and portable. This is a very reliable backup battery pack and we really recommend it for use to for to have continuous power for your devices during blackout. Safer and have PCM regulation for overcharge, over-recharging, over-discharging and over-temperature prevention, Best replacement for a 12V lead battery.


  • Reliable Backup Battery for Security Systems and 12V devices.
  • Light weight and higher energy density than any rechargeable battery.
  • PCM inside prevents the battery pack from over-recharging, over-discharging and over-temperature.
  • No memory effect and rechargeable.
  • Longer storage life than NiMH battery.
  • Built-in IC chip will prevent battery pack from over charge and over discharge and prolongs battery life.
  • Perfect 12V, 9V, or 5V battery pack for Door access, CCTV, DVR, WiFi Router, Mobile Device or 12V Devices over 5 - 8 hours on a full charge, etc.


  • Telephone switchboard, electric equipments, power instruments, meters and 12V Systems
  • Uninterrupted power source (UPS) for computer, Emergency Application, Medical devices
  • Power transmission and transformer station, switch-control, and accident lighting
  • Fire fighting, safety device, and alarm monitoring
  • Automatic office system
  • Radio communication system
  • Emergency lighting and car/ship starting system
  • Portable electric appliances and mining system
  • Traffic and navigation signal lamp
  • Solar Energy: Solar Street lights, Solar Led Lights

Capacity: 12V DC 6500mAh; 9V DC 8500mAh; 5V DC 15000mAh.
Voltage Input: 12.6V DC.
Voltage Output: 12.6V - 4.8V DC.
Dimensions 12.5cm x 7.3cm x 3cm.
Max. charge current 1C (2.0A).
Max. discharge current 2.5C (5A).
Cut off voltage 12V.

Package Included:
1 X 5V/9V/12V All-in-one Li-ion Battery Pack
1 X Power Adapter
1 X DC 12V Connection Cable
1 X DC 9V Output Cable
1 X USB(5V) Cable

1 Year

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