4 Channel Universal Remote Cloner 280mhz to 433.92MHZ
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Brand: Spyking
Product Code: 4 channel Universal Remote Cloner

The remote control duplicator can copy the original remote control of your car Alarm, motorcycle alarm,home alarm, rolling door, barrier door, garage door, and other electronic system. The Remote can be used as your normal original remote.

‚ÄčParts of the encode IC which we can copy as below:
PT2240 PT2260 
PT2262 EV1527 
FP527 AX5326 
PT2262 PT2242 
HT600 HT680 
HT6207 HT6010 
HT6012 HT6014 
AX5326-4 SMC5026 
SMC5326-3 SMC5326-4 
SMC918 SMC918-3 

How to Use:

STEP 1, Delete Code:

Press on  A & B buttons at the same time, LED will flash, then keep one finger hold on A, and another finger press the button B 3 times, then the LED will blink, the remote is blank


STEP 2 Learning Code:

Place the duplicator and original remote close to reach other, press any of the buttons, the LED will flash constantly


STEP 3, Recovery code:

Press on C & D buttons together, LED will flash, the code been recovered



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