Access Control System provides control of entry (or exit) through nominated doors/location via a control panel and some form of electric locking facility. It prevents and stops any unauthorized person from entering your office/premises.

Access control panel can work with various type of verification such as Card (various format), fingerprint and face recognition, and can be designed to link to the various type of mechanizing facility such as Turnstile, flap barrier, Boom Gate, and motorized auto door system.

The system works for building, office, factory, premises, and equipment to protect and prevent unauthorized access. The system provides management software to manage, generate report and monitor status of access control. It can be integrated with IP base CCTV System, guard tour system, license plate access control or automation control system.

Nowadays, most of the access controllers are designed with an active network to make it highly customizable to the rapid ‘real-time’ changes underlying the network operation. It has been brilliantly engineered with all the power you need to enable code-sending and minus unnecessary buffer time with its distributed architecture. It is also capable of processing access demand at the edge level without leveraging on the server end.

Door Access System can also be applied in many applications on House, Apartment, Service Lift, Hotels, Office, Business Venue, Factory and more. 

*Price for Glass Door need add Rm200

*Price for Glass Door need add Rm200

Door Access System Sample Project Photos:

Why Use Key Tags or Cards?

Door Aceess Cards and Key Tags are perfect for door access entry without Password. We recommend for Door Aceess Key Tags instead of Cards, Because Key Tags has more advantages over the Door Access Cards. However, If Key Cards are needed we can still include in our package without question. 

On-Site Service

We Provide Door Access Installation with Professional installation to archive maximum performance. We will provide a professional finish and installation for practicality every type of door. Example, Wood, Aluminum or Glass doors. 

For Other Information:

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